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16 April
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(Character for the donnellyschool RPG.)

I'm so excited that Tag is having us do this! I've been wanting to keep a livejournal for oh, only forever! And now I have a new way to get to know all of the guys in my hall! This is gonna be fun.

I'm dating Skittery. He is the sweetest, cutest person in existence. :D <3<3


The profile:

Full name: Micah Rockefeller Meyers (oh yes, the middle name is in all seriousness. :D)

Age: 16

Birthday: April 16, 1988

Year: Sophomore

Family/background: Mush gets along well with his family. He has a single-parent mom and two older brothers (Pete, 10 years older, and Larry, 8 years older). Growing up in Manhattan, Mush always loved going to the Broadway shows, and his family always joked that they knew he was gay before he himself did. He's a year behind in school because he was in an off-Broadway musical when he was six, and while he had a tutor during that time, he was so far behind his classmates when it closed that the school administration decided it would be best for him to take first grade again. Mush has been dancing since he was 3. His ma didn't want him to dance, but he begged her and she has never been able to resist his pouting, which he has been adept at since he realized its effect at age two and a half. To punish Mush when he misbehaved, she would take away his Gene Kelly tapes and make him watch Sesame Street. He has been watching Gene since before he can remember.

Likes: Broadway, dancing, singing, shopping, working out, Labello chapstick and pasta. Gene Kelly. Boys. ^_^ Theatre-ness... he loves being in shows and going to see them, especially musicals. His favorite musical is Rent and he will drag ANY willing person to go see it at ANY opportunity, and will pay for their seat and any expenses. Although flamingly gay, his one girlcrush is on Idina Menzel and he would happily marry her. He loves his friends and would do anything in the entire world for them. He also does not believe in "losing touch" with friends. Therefore, he is still likely to call up someone he went to pre-school with, just to find out what they're doing with their life and would they like to go dancing on Saturday night?

Dislikes: Meat (he is a staunch vegetarian), cigarettes, drugs (other than alcohol), pets that shed hair, and bugs -- especially centipedes. Losing friends, or anyone who treats his friends poorly. Fighting. Or hearing of his friends fighting.

Favorite class: tapdancing class, theatre classes... anything not particularly scholarly.

Least favorite class: Science. He's also failing history, so he's not such a fan of that right now, either.

Appearance/style: Impeccable. He prides himself on his wardrobe. Very fine outfits, and he does not loan his clothing out to ANYONE other than Blink, because he feels that Blink is such a lost cause that he needs all the help he can get. His favorite outfit is: pale pink oxford, unbuttoned JUST enough to spark interest; black pinstriped pants; and black chelsea boots. He is the kind of person who would never be seen wearing white socks. Has a habit of overdressing, perhaps. Always looks extremely sharp, though. He figures, why NOT wear a tux to class? I might meet my future domestic partner there. He also has a THING for top hats. I dunno. He's kinda crazy. And that's why we <3 him.

Personality: Has the ADD of a puppy, and the big brown eyes of one too. He's very sweet and compassionate, and filled with passion for friendship. He admires and tries to maintain any friends that he encounters along his life. Very flamboyant, he loves Broadway shows and meeting all the actors afterward, because he admires them like he does his idol, Gene Kelly. He is quite passionate in just about all he does. He always TRIES to keep a happy face on, but sometimes loses it. He very rarely lets anyone see his depressed side, though. He thinks that everyone likes him because he's nice, and is afraid of losing friendships by being... human. It's not always a show though, because he is generally an optimistic, outgoing person. He truly believes his friends are the greatest people in the world, and if he feels let down by one of them, he is more likely to blame it on himself than on them, i.e. "He stood me up for the third time this week because I'm too pushy in inviting him places." Very talkative and impressionable, he's likely to think the most frivolous things are important to everyone around him. Also, slightly unabashedly gay, to the point of flaming fairy. He doesn't really mind being made fun of though, because he understands to some extent that that's how some people are. Parents really love Mush, because he's always very polite and is genuinely interested in everyone else's lives, and is the person who will sit with your parents at your dining room table three hours after dinner is over while your mom complains about work, and is STILL sympathetic and interested in hearing about her co-workers and their torture of her. He also has a talent for remembering names and faces, and will immediately notice if your mom got her hair cut or colored, and will tell her how much younger it makes her look. He has a certain ease with everyone he meets, because he feels that acquaintance is enough to make you friends with him. Very candid, and doesn't mind what other people think of him in most cases, as long as HE is having fun.